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Zen and coffee: fantasy armwarmers and fingerless gloves

zen and coffee banner

Zen and coffee is a lovely tor that makes arm Warmers & fingerless Gloves for Gothic, Steampunk, Lolita, Bellydance, Burlesque, Dark Fusion, Tribal, Weddings and More!
The perfect versatile accessory for all seasons & styles! All pairs are double serged & sealed for durability! The have very suggestive names that really helps a lot to unleash your imagination and see them in actual fantasy costume garments!!


circus victorian gloves
Above: the Carnival Sophisticate. A lovely model with a  "vintage circus" mood.This would be lovely for a Circus or Steampunk or Victorian Dress!
  The entire collection is  the result of the work of one single busy bee. Wren does everything from selecting materials, to designing, sewing, photographing shipping- No helpers! and when you scroll the huge amount and variety of models so you could imagine it as an exhausting work but in her own passionate words "I love sewing and designing- something I have always wanted to do since I was little. People often ask me if I get burned out or tired of sewing, but no way! Its almost a calming meditation for me to conceptualize a new design and sit down and create it. Having something go from an idea in my head sparked by things around me- be it nature, high fashion, fantasy, or even the fabric itself- is so fulfilling to me.

For the gothic and vampire souls they have a lovely collection of gloves with lace but I am more fond of the white ghostly ones... all of them!

White also a cool color for vampires...

the ghost in you

Above: model "A ghost in you" another of my favorites... guess I am closer to ghosts than to vampires after all!

As we´ve been recurrent to the topic of "Alice in Wonderland" in several articles, we highlight these two pair of gloves for being reminiscent of the White Rabbit and Alice herself! as possible idea to make your garment a bit different!

white rabbit gloves white rabbit gloves

Every order is shipped out in a cute & colorful cello bag ready to gift
 They also take commissions to make your custom pair of gloves... is if they had not one of the largest catalogs with almost every color combination and size imaginable!! But still if you're picky and you can´t find what you're looking for, they'll welcome a message so you can tell her. There are over 100 different fabrics and trims available, some of which are not even listed in etsy, so probably  she´ll be ready to make them perfectly match to your special event with no further delay!

I love these for daily wear, they're very Burton's somehow!! :)

gothic fingerless gloves

Only to surf the store to read the imaginative titles that have been given to the gloves is worth as a tip for getting ideas where each model would match just perfect!
And by  chance I was having coffee while enjoying writing this article ! ;-)


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