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Floripondios: amazing fairy leather art! Leaves and flower for fairies and elves


Floripondios is the little store of crafter Marta Florenza, the floripondios (translated as ornament with a flower) is a design that trademarks her collection of a leather flower that can be worn in several fashion as choker, hairband, cuffs and many other ways...

At the moment the way they sell is by direct email contact through that site writing to Marta self from her site  at Feel free to write her in english for a commission or custom order. The prices are also very fair.

You can also network "liking" their facebook page (so far only in spanish)  Floripondios in facebook.

I just came from Mallorca Fantástica festival with tons of  her fairy leaves leather jewelry...! Oh my god I fell in love with this items, and now I have them hanging even in my daily wear like an urban pixie bringing the forest into town. Marta the crafter is a fairy herself and she does look like so with that spark in  her eyes and wild luscious curly hair... Her gentleness and love for the faerie lore is imprinted in her work offering a wealth of leather necklaces, rings,  pouches, all carved in leather and handpainted.

I shall update this article as soon as I can take a picture of my items (i'm a proud owner!!!!!!!!)  but so far I leave you with the website at


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