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Thyme2dream, Pen Circlets and El Costurero Real: Faerie and Elven circlets

Thyme to dream is a  company  that design jewelry and accessories for Faeries & Elven Folk. As she says  recently discovered that "mortals are fond of them tool" too. In her etsy shop you can find unusual jewelry items~ear cuffs, bohemian wraps (ear wraps), arm cuffs, tiaras, circlets, hair vines combs & twirls, rainbows and other fairy accouterments. Fantasy, Medieval and Renaissance wedding jewelry is her  specialty of mine and she´ll be happy to commission an unique item  for YOUR special day!

ear cuff
Above: example of ear cuff

 Tom Bombadil´s bride tiara
Above:Galadriel elven mithril ivy leaf Headdres

She has several models inspired in LOTR characters like Goldberry and Galadriel made of an adjustable celtic base with a flowing twisted wire accent and lovely beaded drops at the side and looking as lovely as the example above and sturdy enough to hold the veil if you want it for "that" day :)

Her partner Ian also  runs another etsy store called  Dragon rider with circlets inspired by the Dragon planet Pern created by Anne McCaffrey.

He makes  for example some of the following examples  like this  tiara in wire and suitable also for men and women. Adjustable with leather or ribbon.

   unisex celtic circlet
Above: celtic wire circlet  

 Queen Guinevere 
Above: Queen Guinevere  circlet model inspired by the 1860 painting by artist James Archer made of wire, pearls and crystals... really awesome and by the way you can custom order in the color you like to match your own dress.

To finish this little selection of circlets and tiaras shops...

In a similar way also my friend  and designer Alassie l (yes, she makes mostly garments (AWESOME GARMENTS!! that we previously mentioned in our article about El Costurero Real and that I've myself have worn in several events and official shoots, have a look to our previous article ) but also dare to try with circlets and crowns and she recently launched an etsy store to sell them here: El Costurero Real in Etsy

 celtic tiara unisex 
Above: Silver wire  aluminum, adjustable, unisex crown-tiara. 

And if it´s a very special moment like your wedding and you want to dare with a lovely crown cast in true silver, she list some really affordable and lovely ones like this one.

 silver crown 

Alassie is also making lately some accessories inspired in the faerie realm using mushrooms, moss and natural elements to create one of a kind fairytale pendants and headpieces. They're insane original and cute!

 fairy nest pendant
Above: Fairy nest pendant by El Costurero Real


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