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The Changelling closet: Fashion accessories for the Fairy people!


Liselotte  Eriksson is a swedish artist and  photographer who also dares to design an enjoyable collection of items and fashion accessories that goes  from horns to hats and even wings and hairpins, with the design of the artist self to enhance its uniqueness  that would delight any fairy or faun.  Recently launched it promises to increase the catalog of her delicious fairy store THE CHANGELLING CLOSET

Her goal  is to supply not only costume items, but also every day wear inspired by nature, Faerie, folklore and myth.  Recycling materials and Usthrifted materials and found objects when possible, thus keeping the prices down while also being friendlier to the environment yet still with a great flavour of one-of-a-kind  that on her words think it "adds a certain quirky charm to the pieces",  but at extremely affordable prices.

Up: horns and elf ears

I find the hats so adorable...  just judge yourself, they're absolutely original! and certainly gives me so many ideas!! I had the chance to meet Liselotte in person when I performed in the Fairy Ball (UK) last year, she was indeed one of the most original atendees with a garment made of all sort of recycled materials... it really catched my eye... and now it makes all sense to see this lovely store launched...!!

You'll find a collection of several horns and pointed ears,  headpieces,  hand-painted bags... and even some lovely pendants made out of natural acorns... Just dive in!!



#1 I snapped up one of the

Tangle's picture

I snapped up one of the mushroom hats and it is absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend The Changeling's Closet highly enough!

#2 awww lucky you, yep, she's so

Priscilla Hernandez's picture

awww lucky you, yep, she's so clever...

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