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Vampire fangs and Monster bites... Realistic fake teeth

scare crow fangs

Another year and Halloween drawing near (hmm that was quite a rhyme)

With True Blood tv series and other vampire movies Vampires seems to be a hot topic again... I'd say a classic, but waves of popularity comes and go and it seems the vampire trend is back. Thus we've decided to make this article about vampire fangs and monster teeth...

Scarecrow Vampire Fangs makes the best-selling and most affordable  vampire fangs and theatrical teeth on the market. These affordable custom teeth are designed for realism and wearability. Scarecrow® teeth use a specially formulated, dental grade material for fitting (not over-the-counter craft plastic). The patented approach means there is NO boiling water, NO adhesives and NO unsightly partial plate to construct. You get a tight, rigid, SNAP-FIT without modeling any plastic around your molars. You can find them all over ebay and they also have an official site here.

Here's a youtube video where you can see how to fit them. Beware they need 10-15 minutes to harden

If you still had any doubt here's another


Above: fangs from Dental Distortions Below: Ripper model


Another awesome provider for even more extreme fx, going beyond vampires into nastier and uglier monsters and creatures like demons, werewolves and orcs  is Dental distortions. Made from high quality dental acrylic and designed for ultra-realism, each set is meticulously stained by hand so they don't look like white fake plastic but dirty enough LOL. No two sets are the same, just like real teeth! Created for Halloween, our products have found a special place in the Hollywood film industry and have been used in a wealth of movies and tv series. Also Dental distortions goes a step further and includes also claws. You can buy Dental Distortions models here

Here´s a tutorial about how to apply Dental Distortions fake teeth  


Of course you can go to a dentist, or even try to make a mold of your own teeth to make the ultimate and more realistic effect, there are quite a wealth of tutorials online to do so, but that option is not so affordable. We´ll cover that though very soon.

A final touch! Add some fake blood

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Custom Fangs: based in UK, custom fangs and prosthetics Vampfangs: here you can find both scarecrow and dental distortions and other kits


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