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Evening Arwen custom costumes and corsets. Sweenie Todd, Alice, Pirates and more...!

Siren and captain pirate costumes

Above: Pirate and Siren costumes by Evening Arwen

Evening arwen is a store with a rather curious collection of items that range from historical to fantasy and even sci-fi. They specialize in making custom costumes and corsets made to fit you. On their official   page are a few examples of what they can do but they´re open to make your custom comission. They also have an etsy store for "ready to go" items.

alice wonderland corset dress

Alice in Wonderland corset dress in ice blue with white patterned sleeves corset and apron

This Alice outfit has a more victorian/modern combination to it. It's made with an ice blue satin for the bodice, skirt and bow. The apron and corest are made from an off-white patterned fabric used in home decor. The sleeves of the bodice are an off-white dupioni silk. It really works for a re-telling and adult sexy Alice costume. The color will make you look like a doll!



sweeney todd costume replica

Above: Sweenie Todd costume replica

This costume is a replica of the movie version of Sweeney Todd. Linen shirt, wool pants and worn aged vest. Jacket is not included, and made of real leather is made upon request.

You can also find his partner Mrs Lovett costume replica, equally lovely, including the bodice

But the store also offer a few examples crossing over genres and diving into science fiction like this sexy female space trooper corset dress (suitable if your boyfriend decided to hid himself under a stormtrooper costume haha as we recommended in previous articles)

sexy  space trooper female corset dress

Intend to be even sexier... try these Marie Antoinette inspired undergarments

marie antoinette undergarments


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