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Gypsy witch design: Wickedly lovely top hats for victorian ladies

Gypsy witch designs is a lovely site that features an unique collection of top hats, from burlesque, victorian,  to gothic, Mad Hatter´s and even steampunk and pirate  models. It has also some formal and wedding models for more (or less) traditional customers..  It has alsom some additional accesories like gloves fitting for example with the laced up steampunk inspired top hats. The gothic models are full of spiderweb and tulle  with a very classy "widow" mood.  And there are also some striped model that you would point out of My fair Lady movie. All of them are really lovely and worth a check!

Mad Hatter model

Diamond model, very useful burlesque  for those wanting to go for a Moulin Rouge look

We made another article about Top Hats maybe more in the mood of  Leprechauns and Alice's Mad Hatter, but equally unique and lovely. If you want to refresh your mind and options, read our sister article about top hats here: Luna Rana and Silver leaf Costumes top Hats and other Mad Hatter´s non birthday parties needs


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