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Fowl Play Designs: wearable art with feathers by Lisa Sandow

Fowl Play Designs specializes in headpieces, earrings, accessories, chokers and all sorts of items made out of feathers. Colorful, vibrant and unique to add a spice of tribal or ultimate elegance.

Above: hair, scarf, hat or hair.. the multi purpose fantastic feather creation!

Fowl Play is based out of Eugene Oregon (USA), you can find the physical store at   Redoux Parlour, 780 Blair Blvd and they also keep a network site at facebook where you can contact the crafter Lisa Sandow to request custom orders or ask what pieces are available to send. Her personal Lisa Sandow  profile at facebook also showcases some one of a kind peaces. Very soon an etsy store will be opening and we´ll update this article with more information. But as I couldn't wait longer and they operate also through facebook, I will resist longer the urge to share these pretty things with you all.

Above: the maker, Lisa Sandow with one of her headpieces and by the way the wings she wears are from Little Wing Art that we recently covered in the blog.

I have a lovely choker from  Fowl Play  Designs I used in the Fairy Ball (London) as Lisa is not only talented but a personal friend and we coincided last summer in UK. Thus I've been able to see in fairs the prettiest feather headpieces, earrings and other cool stuff coming out of the hands of this nature spirit this girl is. Lisa´s character is strong, vibrant, imaginative and wild and that imprint every piece of her. When using bones, skulls and other animal materials they come from dead bodies she randomly finds when roaming in the forests, not a  way to promote animal cruelty but to make a shrine to the animal spirit. Lisa is a person devoted to animals, I'd say she´s a wolf herself


Above: Feather choker or  hair band ... I'm the happy owner of this one of a kind peace. (yep, mine! :)))


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