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Jell Dragon: For an accurate historical viking and nordic costume

Jell Dragon is a store that specializes in high quality replicas of the Viking Era and Nordic cultures. The stores have a supply of authentic Viking jewellery, weapons, costume, living history supplies, banquet supplies (ohh I love the drinking hongs with leather belt straps to hold) and accessories like helmets and gauntlets to Viking enthusiasts the world over. It also features a selection of nordic music and books and even statuettes casted in bronze of viking deities. If you want to make a movie inspired in these ancient times, you'll find also leather sewing kits, accessories and materials so you can make custom items yourself  like belts ends, wood needles...

Above: drinking horn


Above: bracelet with wolves  (the collection of jewellry is amazing  and one of the finest you'll ever see, and most of it replicas of historical items and you can find even viking  coins and keys!!)

Even if you're simply looking for the very famous viking runes carved on wood  Jell Dragon is the place. The amazing highlight of the website itself is how accurate and specific is, and if you're just researching it's a wonderful compilation of information itself. I'm making now an  viking slightly inspired wolf dress and I'm enjoying this website so much... felt in love with that wolf torc! sigh! Enjoy the visit!


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