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Organic Armor: warrior soul


Paul Hersey's Organic Armor is a company that makes props that looks like ancient metal, bone and leather but are not, lightweight, comfortable, and he has an amazing catalog including one of a kind peaces. It all has a pagan, ritual, warrior look. You'll find chokers, head pieces, arm bands, bracers, horns, helmets, goddess crowns even sexy bustiers set in viking or tribal  Xena, even  for Slave Leia's costumes mood.

You can even find pieces to customize your pet. Paul as an artist has been developing them for long time and he makes stunning unique peaces. Some examples:



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[...] to finish this article I wanted to remind you about an earlier article about the crafter “Organic Armour”, that offers similar yet very different models of bikinis of this kind, not exactly the [...]

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