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Tambukiki: Eclectic mix of fashion from pixie, boho and hippie to 50´s and Steampunk


Tambukiki is a clothing store that have a lovely collection of  eclectic mix of stylesfrom Boho to Grunge to Punk to Goth to Romantic and everything in between. Many of the items are in fact very fairy and/or pixie looking. But also many pieces with 50´s/60´s, 70´s hippie looks and ethnic inspired garments. That is, as it is indeed a big store, you must surf and search within it to find what  you  might be looking 


Above: Grecian/fairy delicate white dress with delicate drapes of wispy ethereal white. Great for a "Goddess" or "Nymph" look

But they have the most amazing cute bloomers and also western-victorian skirts really lovely for Steampunk lovers

Below: lovely ivory bloomers

Most importantly the prices and shipping (even international) seems really affordable.


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