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Medieval moccasins and ghillies for Highlanders, irish goblins and fairies

We´ve all seen drawings in old books of Irish fairy tales with those fancy to dance all night away with goblins and fairies... Ghillies are typical soft  leather shoes for irish and scottish dancing in fact and have a lovely ancient traditional historical look For an accurate definition read this wikipedia article about them (yes I know this term is also used for some camouflage material as we´ll cover in the future). Surfing the net I found the perfect site for them...

Medieval moccasins shop make them in EVERY color, the color chart is rather complete and include even some shiny metallic finish options. If you don't want your ghillies to be the standard black colour this is definately your shop, and aside from standard ghillies and sandals they also make lovely boots knee-high in ghillie style that are definetely very sexy and fitting for fairy costumes but also for men with their kilt in "Braveheart" of Highlander mood . I wish I could grab a pair in white and black for myself arg and red!! and purple!! (sigh!!). Another thing on my "wish list" of course. They are amazing!


If I were you I'd bookmark this site as a first option because it offers great quality and a wealth of possibilities. If you want a cheaper option you can also find simpler models in other stores like the following:

And of course there are some models in ebay in several shops of dance wear, you can check there clicking the picture below

Now Dance... Dance... Dance!!!!



#1 Hi, being an Irish dancer

Irishdancer's picture


being an Irish dancer (I'm dancing with IDCV, but not yet on feis level), I can also list you two sites us dancers frequent for ghillies (or Softshoes as we call them).
In fact, in Irish dancing they are only worn by girls, while boys and men wear so-called Jig shoes.

A tip for wearing ghillies: buy them roughly 1/2 - 1 size too small as they wear out quickly (pure leather) and then are too big for your feet! This may be uncomfortable but I can say from experience that they'll fit just nicely after some wearing (1-3 weeks if you dance twice a week). -> Shop online/Pumps & Boys Reel (pumps = ghillies) they also have white, dyeable ones -> Shoes and scroll down to tbe bottom of the page

mise le meas!

#2 I have a pair of these from

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I have a pair of these from ( the short style in green and have just purchased a hide after making my own pattern for boots. Wish me luck! I have alot of experience in Native American Stlye mocs, so I am hoping it will go smoothly.I will try to post a pic when I am done which should be sometime before Faerie Con in Philly.:)

#3 The boots have turned out

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The boots have turned out nicely and I am taking them to a showmaker to add a soft sole so they wear longer. I also made a pair of shoes too. But in the true fashoin of leather...they are a bit large and strecthy. Have to tweak them a bit still. When all is done, I will post a link to pics. :)

#4 yes, we'd love to see a

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yes, we'd love to see a pic!! I have wide feet so i have to be cautious when ordering online, hope to find available ones in the fairs i'm approaching

#5 Here are the links for my

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Here are the links for my pics. The shoemaker was so kind and helpful. I finished them yesterday!

#6 Oh Yidneth, I wanted to let

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Oh Yidneth, I wanted to let you know the ones I originally bought work well for wider widths.... :)

#7 thanks for sharing the

Priscilla Hernandez's picture

thanks for sharing the pics... feel free to open a gallery for you here :), actually they look awesome... at the end i'll have to go for some pair in black!

#8 I plan to open a gallery. Had

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I plan to open a gallery. Had to change my user name though. Had an endless loop of password reset troubles. So I reregistered. So now I am Sparklestone347!

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