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Mayrafabuleux: rave wear and mermaid bras

Summer is here!!

And with it, our mermaid-selves long for the sea... time for some "mermaid-wear".

Mayrafabuleux is store run by Mayra Mendoza and based in California,  specialized in rave and mermaid bras. Not only for bellydancers and rock stars,  Mayrafabuleux clothing also include some fantasy inspired sparkly bras are made to order in different sizes, and some (the ones we focus more on this featurette) have shells and sea-inspired fantasy elements, making them a lovely mermaid top. In all honestly I´d go to the beach with one of this, I find standard swimsuits and bikinis so boring :) They have an ebay store of the same name.

Above: Mermaid/tribal bra with seashells

It is recommended to visit their official website to see a larger selection of works. The official website for all of our selection of rave bra, rave outfits, theme wear, dance wear, rave wear, festival attire. All items are made to your own size / measurements: we can make any size and we ship worldwide. Take into account that most items are made to order and thus for undies as bras and bottoms no refunds are accepted. There are plenty of examples to choose from as well as a rather clear custom order form, international buyers take into account possible customs tax fees, time to be made and the no-refund policy of the store.


Visit their ebay store for some ready to ship items

Myrafabuleux at ebay

Official site





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