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Pendragon shoes... delightful weird magical footwear!

Pendragon shoes is one of the most amazing and strange shoe  exclusive handcrafted leather shoes. This company is a Queensland based duo of designer shoemakers Jacqueline Orme Ward and Adrian Lockwood that have worked for several projects in theater and cinema including the recent and successful film "Peter Pan" by Warner Bros (that by the way is a wonderful version with a pretty soundtrack from James Newton Howard to go along with)

The site also offer  some "ready to wear" and more affordable models from which I hightlight the following and pretty leaf sandals

You can also watch some haute couture and exclusive models with outstanding designs that you'll be yearning for... (sigh!). From some really... excentric and unconvetional models to  burlesque boots and Marie Antoniette, Jester, or the wonderful and feeric models for Titania and Oberon.



#1 I love the leaf sandals!

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I love the leaf sandals! Does anyone know if it is possible to alter shoes by cutting the back off or if they will fall apart. I have a pair of Victorian style high heels that I want to make backless and add stuff too, but I don't want to ruin them if it doesn't work.

#2 [...] still looking for fairy

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