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Priscilla Hernandez

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My name is Priscilla Hernandez and I’m also an artist (singer-songwriter, fantasy artist) as well with a fantasy show-spectacle, so I found out that  I was spending hours looking for fine fantasy clothes, fashion, make up, wings, craft tutorials, patterns…, and I needed to find affordable and easy options to make a catchy fantasy look… So I decided to gather the information and share it… and thus we start here! I'm finally also making my first attempts into costuming myself :) designing wings, tiaras and garments. But also gladly accept samples (as admin of this blog) for consideration or for inclusion in our shows and concerts that you can send to. Sending samples for review usually guarantee an article (though it must be releated with fantasy and costuming) and banner ad  for a while.


Priscilla Hernandez


C/ Ronda San Cristóbal 158.

31180. Zizur Mayor. Navarra. Spain



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