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Masks by Morgan

Crown mask  (Masks by Morgan)Mystic (masks by Morgan)Maple wood Forest Dweller (Masks by Morgan)

Morgan Hearsey is a leather mask artist sculptor based in USA. The masks are hand-dyed, painted with non toxic acrylic leather paints, crafted and all come numbered, dated and signed by the artist. They also come with care instructions, ties, ribbons, beads and other embellishments... it really shows that she puts great care to make a customer happy! I am the proud owner of one of her masks (custom artic blue model in white with silver accents) which I often use in my shows, and certainly go back to her site often to see the increasing number of beautiful models. Gothic, dark, colourful, fairy or fantasy... a wealth of mood and colours to choose wether you want to become a Demon Queen, a raven, a Jester, a Green Man... she has options for almost everyone! Visit MORGAN MASKS SITE 


Green Fairy (Masks by Morgan)


picture: me wearing a Morgan's mask (custom artic blue with silver accent). Fairy Ball (UK, 2007)





#1 I am lucky to own the autumn

T.S. Autumn's picture

I am lucky to own the autumn leaf mask featured. It is an fantastic work of art. I wore it to the Bad Faeries Ball, Faeriecon 2007. I highly recommend this amazing artist. See my website for a pic of me in the mask.

#2 I have the Artic blue in

Priscilla Hernandez's picture

I have the Artic blue in white and i'm delighted... I need to save to purchase a raven one and maybe a custom-made. And she's indeed so kind! :) Lucky you to have the autumn leaf it's gorgeous saw your sculptures by the way, they're very pretty!

#3 Thanks so much for the

T.S. Autumn's picture

Thanks so much for the compliment.
Truly honored & blushing,

#4 Beautiful masks! I someday

Sparklestone's picture

Beautiful masks! I someday wish to create my own!

#5 [...] complete your search we

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