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Faux branches wings for nymphs and dryads

"Every time a fairy is born in a tree it becomes a dryad" Dryads and forest nymphs are one of my favourite topics overall... and they're often portrays as part tree with leaves and branches. This is a drawing I made myslef of one dryad... of course anything with leaves, green wigs, leave pendants and other extras will help, and we'll cover that in precision very soon... but today I wanted to share specifically these lovely wings I found and that would fit so well your forest nymph design.

Art of wings have designed a wide range of wings, of all kinds from feather to fairy but I would highlight for their uniqueness precisely some beautiful wings made of faux branches that will fit perfectly this dryad mood. You can find them with or without flowers, and also with ice white crystal that will do perfectly for a snow queen or winter mood. Meghan, the crafter, has really made them affordable and quite stunning... These are some examples. I'd love to have the white ice and the simple mossy green one.



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