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Teonova: leather masks that will bring out the ANIMAL within you

teonova banner

Teonova  is store specialized in leather masks, each one individually hand crafted and unique. Most of them are one size fits all and they really look the highest quality and workmanship and by the reviews of users they´re really comfortable too. The crafter have been active since 2001. If you want to look with your own eyes the mask you can have a look the lists of fairs and festivals they´re attending with stand to. Also they welcome commissions for parties, weddings and corporate events. In the website you will find a gallery of past works and also a link to their  Teonova etsy store where they have a selection of "ready to be shipped" masks. The highlight is the high number of "animal" masks... some mythological creatures like dragons and unicorns too... but mostly animals like foxes, wolves,  owls, rabbits, cats... and some other animals not so common to see among leather mask crafters.

dragon leather mask

Above: horned dragon leather mask

Some of the examples are really eerie, and some even disturbing like this example... brilliant!

creepy spirit mask victorian lady
custom creepy spirit mask Victorian lady

If you are into "Alice in Wonderland" you have these as a lovely option for the white rabbit and Cheshire cat below:

white rabbit Alice wonderland maskwhite cat mask

And if I could hand pick right now one thing for my performing shows... damn! I want this one in white... snif!

 leather wolf mask 

Above: Wolf mask, you´ll find several colors in the gallery. I'd love to have one in white for my video-clip "Northern Lights" hmmm

You can also join the crafter Caroline Guyer  at facebook to be up to date with the mask listings.


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