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Feather eyelashes: Fantasy in your eyes!

We previously covered in this blog an article about "fantasy contact lenses", if you add now some fantasy false eyelashes, there you got it.... You're not from this world for sure!!! Among the most striking ones that i've found and in a better quality range you can purchase Shu Uemura's false eyelashes, where I hightlight particularly this gorgeous model (about $50 though) handcrafted in light brown and black that you can see on the picture below (Premium velvet in light brown and black). This particular model has been sold several times on ebay too cheaper just looking for "feather eyelashes", but if you're not lucky and have the money to spare, they look amazing and you can always visit official Shu Uemura website.

I wonder how they stay in shape if you sweat on the stage of if you're caught in the rain... and most importantly if the bigger models are comfortable, but if you're looking for "fine quality" I think this one is of the best options and have different models in different price ranges that you can choose from. But If you are looking for an alien, dryad or fairy look the Premium models of Shue Uemura's are big enough to make you look even weird (in a fantasy way!)

shu aomura premium feather eyelash

In etsy you can see some custom-made amazing feather eyelashes. I highlight the ones made by Moonshine Baby  Creations. They are so sexy and tribal.

In etsy there are plenty of stores that offer feather eyelashes, just make a search there and you´ll find lots of beauties ready to ship. Some stores that specializes in feather eyelashes are Cat´s Meow, Moonshine Baby, and Eyelash jewelry among others

You can buy some fantasy eyelashes in the website you know it (that also sells fx contact lenses to go alone)

In Etsy you can look for "feather eyelashes" and it will render to a wealth of hand crafted results. I will highlight a few like this "green goddess" made by Scarlet Huntress Store

Above: Green goddess by Scarlet Huntress

Another store in etsy that sells feather eyelahes is "Intrinsic Imagination"

example: the "funky peacock" (below)

punky peacock feather eyelashes

Keeping on looking and surfing....

madame madeline feather eyelash

Above: example from

This and other fake fantasy eyelashes can be found and Madame Madeline website

Of course you can find some "chinese" cheap feather eyelashes in Holy ebay!! like KK-HC center (ebay store) I really doubt of the quality of these, though i'm about to order some to give a try, some are nice looking and actually considering false eyelashes are somehow a deleterous item, these offers rather cheap prices (even including the often abusive shipping costs from chinese product sellers). Below I post some that I find interesting.

chinse feather eyelashes

I've also put an eye on this lovely model made by Stargazer looks really lovely for gothic and burlesque, I think I might give a try to this model that is one of my favorites among this trademark. They make it in purple too and other colours.

For stargazer fantasy eyelashes you can visit directly their official site here Stargazer


Want to increase even more your dramatic look.. you can add some custom made jewelry for example gluing beads.

Here are some other shops where you can find false and feather eyelashes like classylashes (UK based), devious wigs (USA based) where you can find some tipped models. Probably I will re-catch this article after a little experience with then ;-).


Want to try yourself... there are some handy tutorials in youtube about how to make it quite easy. I recommend to look for coque feathers with tips :) Anyway always consider to make them matching with your fantasy garment, of course black feather eyelashes are very popular in gothic fashion but if you risk for a more vivid thing, make it match!) And remember that you can go from a very extreme full eyelash or just use feathers at the edge and make it more subtle and elegant... it's up to you and your imagination.

-How to make feather eyelashes (video) (simple approachment)

-How to make feather eyelashes without fake eyelashes (only with the feathers)  (bit more detailed step by step)




#1 I tried sticking on fake

Corona's picture

I tried sticking on fake eyelashes of the simple kind, but I just couldn't get them to stick on properly! I won't give up though, I want to have a "killer" eye opener ;)

#2 I don't have any experiences

Priscilla Hernandez's picture

I don't have any experiences with them either. I have huge eyelashes myself, thus with rimmel I am already told if they're false, I purched the black emo with diamonds becuase if wearing something and considering i might be all in black in the upcoming show, might be striking, maybe too much but have never tried them myself either. Sometimes in several shows i've been put by the make-up staff and really looked weird.

#3 The feather ones from Shu

Tangle's picture

The feather ones from Shu Uemera look absolutely amazing! I wonder how practical they would be though - I would be worried about the feathers getting into my eyes... and watery eyes is really not a good look!

#4 Arg I found a pair was sold

Priscilla Hernandez's picture

Arg I found a pair was sold much cheaper on ebay but missed it, maybe it's just too much as we all can guess but they're just so weird that I love them for a dryad look. I have the same problem with my eyes i'm sort of sensitive... and have no experience with eyelashes have just purchased the black with diamonds down there from phoenixx rising... will be my first attempt ... :) but it's so fun! just a single detail can make you look so different! by the way welcome :)

#5 Hello. I wear false eyelashes

Ilya's picture

Hello. I wear false eyelashes to festivals and shows sometimes and just started making my own Fancy Feather Lashes. Check them out on my website at

#6 I have had little luck, but

Sparklestone347's picture

I have had little luck, but hopefully with practice I can make it work. Around here, becasue Halloeen is next month there are many drugstores and yuk...that nasty "Mart" stores(will not advertise for them)that sell many fun and weird fake lashes.I get crazy to buy them, but then I cannot make them work!Then I worry about the glue and getting it off without pulling my own lashes out! Any suggetsions?

#7 oops, messed my name up

Sparklestone347's picture

oops, messed my name up above.

#8 sparklestone: I havnt had any

Kylie's picture

sparklestone: I havnt had any false lashes pull out my own lashes...
i recently got some large spiky looking ones from a "mart" type store. theyre lovely...
Perhaps Ill wear em to FW. ^.^

Just remember, to let the glue get tacky before you put em on, so that they dont slide around and stuff while drying!

#9 Feather eyelashes are totally

AtalyaGavriela's picture

Feather eyelashes are totally easy to make yourself and very inexpensive. All you need to do is go to the craft store and pick out some small, flexible feathers that you like. You will need at least two that are similar. On each of the feathers pull all fluff off one side of the feather. Cut down to the length of your eye and glue on. You can also add glitter glue or gem stickers in advance to get different effects. It is a lot cheaper than buying each pair that you are going to use if you are a going for a lot of different looks.

#10 Hey i wanted to make my own

Katherine.D's picture

Hey i wanted to make my own fake eyelashes, do i need any specific glue or can i just use eyelash glue

#11 Check out my new selection of

Ilya's picture

Check out my new selection of handmade Feather Eyelashes here...

My Fancy Feather Eyelashes are reusable. Wear them like other false eyelashes using eyelash adhesive found in the cosmetic section of most stores. Unlike the factory made lashes, I choose each feather carefully by hand to ensure every set is gorgeous.

#12 [...] to FX make up.  It has

Anonymous's picture

[...] to FX make up.  It has all you may need, from fake eyelashes (remember our previous article about eyelashes) to anti-shine powder, iridescent, shimmering and glow in the dark make up. Basically it has two [...]

#13 I will just say nice blog,

Best False Eyelashes's picture

I will just say nice blog, keep it up.

Have you all tried visiting the prices are pretty good.

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