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Sclera lenses... an otherwordly sight!

Yes, they are creepy....


(def) is a large lens that rests on the sclera and creates a tear-filled vault over the cornea

Sclera lenses are fx contact lenses that cover most of the eye surface. Yes, you've seen them many times in movies!!! From the full blackout (that will make you look as a feeric creature or alien) to the complete white that will make you look blind (and in this particular case, you cannot see through them either), but even if some can limit your sight, you'll see perfectly through most of the models.

And yes, they´re creepy and unleashing your imagination can turn even more and more...


Disclaimer: In USA you'll need a prescription to purch

ase them if you don't have sight problems... I'm spanish and here you can buy them freely but unfortunately the models around here are much more restricted in number and variation. In any case you have to be aware that you DO HAVE to take care of your eyes purchasing a high quality lense, made of a material highly oxygen permeable. This is very important because your eye needs to breath in order not to cause an irreversible injury. You are supposed NOT TO wear them over your own contact lenses (piggybacking) so if you need them powered the handicap is that  they're only made up to some gradation. If for that reason and at your own risk you decide to wear it over your own contact lenses, please DO NOT DO it for long. I've been told that they're difficult to insert so prepare yourself for some practise...but isn't it worth the effort? On the other hands quite expensive (sighs!) and will cost you around 280-300$ and up. Take into account that they're not meant to be used for long periods. We all know the less expensive fx lenses but they also lasts much less. If you take proper care of your sclera lenses they can last up to one year. Sigh .... In my wish list I'd love to grave a model of the "whiteout sclera" (some of my "raven children" designs in my drawings have precisely this kind of pattern)

For european dwellers you can visit for example fashion Contact lenses (based in UK) and this other one based in Netherlands which have one of the largest catalog  I have found: Fantasy city. They also have some fx make up too.

For an IMPRESSIVE COLLECTION OF MODELS (not only of scleral lenses but also of all kinds of fancy and fx lenses) don't miss this other  page (US based) called COSPLAY LAB though you will need prescription for these. Simply amazing! My favourites are the "whiteout sclera", the "corvinus", "lucian" sclera and from the non sclera models"zombified", "lilith" and "succubus" hmm, no I wouldn't mind to grab  (or gifted) any of those...! "Inmortal eyes" collection Fx lenses at COSPLAY LAB

chimera sclera lens by Cosplay Lab

Lucian sclera lens by Cosplay lab

corvinus sclera lens by Cosplay lab


One of the most searched models todays are those inspired in the sci-fi movie Avatar... so here you have an example of a high quality one at 9mmsfx. This store has a lovely collection of scleral lenses, from Aliens to Zombies... aside of the of course very popular Avatar.

Avatar sclera lense movie shot

Above: Avatar Contact lenses fx

Below: Dead eye Scleral lenses (ideal for zombies, blind people and even ghosts!!)



More links where you can look for sclera lenses

Vamp fangs

You know it (UK)




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#2 Just a brief word of warning

Robert de Hwyl's picture

Just a brief word of warning about the non-prescription lenses -- the reason they are no longer available in the USA is because there were a number of incidents of their use being a cause of blindness -- scratching corneas, infections, all sorts of nasties... So if you really want to be safe, get fitted for a prescription set -- many optometrists now off4r a wide range of colors AND styles...

#3 I've wanted some of the black

Tangle's picture

I've wanted some of the black sclera lenses for some time now - they looks so very otherworldly (and slightly creepy!). I am a bit scared about wearing them though... I've been told they can really hurt and you can only wear them for short periods of time anyway...

#4 thanks to Hwyl for the

Priscilla Hernandez's picture

thanks to Hwyl for the advice. The problem is that in our country we don't have this kind of lenses available and if we try to purchase it online we certainly cannot, I have my prescription from spain, and I wonder if it would be suitable too. Yes I agree you must be careful for your eyes, I already wear soft lenses so i'm also afraid of piggybacking them, i've been told by my doctor that you can do it for a short period of time if your actual lens is rigid but not if it's a monthly one :(, the other option is to buy without graduation, but then i'd be blind and just for a shoot never for stage. :) to tangle: yes black sclera are creepy... and somehow I imagine you quite easily with them hmm! LOL you have lovely elvish traits!

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I,ve been looking for Scleral costume lenses for a long time where can i purchase them and how much please resopnd asap .M

#8 Places to purchase Sclera

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Places to purchase Sclera Contact Lenses

Hope that helps. I'm about to order them from

#9 Just out of curiosity:  If we

PianoManGidley's picture

Just out of curiosity:  If we need a prescription to order sclera lenses here in the USA, how do Hollywood movie makers get them for their zombie films?

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