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Spread your angel wings and fly!

Date with an angel

The pic above is a shot of a movie from the eighties called Date with an Angel It really was NOT such a good movie but that kind of romantic and entertaining comedies, BUT the angel wings the main character (gorgeous Emmanuelle Beart) had on the movie always stayed in my mind as what I'd love to wear on stage!! Oh yes, such lovely wings with a very obvious animatronic mechanism...! and thus and we´ll cover soon also a post about flapping mechanisms and also some tutorials, harnesses and other gadgets to move your wings live.

Of course in black because I have a fascination for ravens, so I often keep some time looking for feather wings here and there... and in our previously post we talked precisely about "feathers" for those ones lucky to be good at crafts. If you're in a hurry to get a pair of wings, and don't want to throw away your money in a pair of cheap Halloween wings glued over weak carton that will undo themselves like a dandelion in the wind... If you're going for the cheap options, these are not bad looking, though you'll need to reinforce them to the point to be almost "stony" with generous amounts of glue.

Big wings from eproductsales

Eproductsales shop is a company that makes hand-made angel wings with a nice range of designs from small to quite large ones. They are a bit expensive regarding the ratio size/prize but on the other hand seems to be finished with delicacy and made to last. They can take several weeks to make the wings but on the other hand It's lovely to be able to have a well-made handcrafted and not massively produced set and definitely looks elegant and fine. You can though pick from some "ready to ship" models as well. One of my best friends have purchased me a pair of Jupiter wings :) in black and she got from the lovely Helene wings (both are medium size) that we´ll be using in upcoming concerts for sure and having fun with them... so I'm looking forward to see them close. Both models are shown before. The large model (sigh) above looks really lovely and I would not mind to grab a pair too! am I not greedy?

Eproductsales jupiter wings

But yes... I still dream of something big, remarkable, and hopefully animated with a mechanism... and we'll post about that soon. So far we go on with this tutorial I found in Instructables website:

how to make angel wings tutorial in instructables

In this step-by-step tutorial this guy explains in a quite clever way how he made his with a rather striking result as you can see above. It looks so easy, though I'm aware it might be not LOL! but might give a try soon!



#1 When I started making my own

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When I started making my own wings for a Haibane Remei costume I had a lot of trouble finding good supplies for feathers and I couldn't find anything in the Netherlands. So I had to get them from overseas, I ended up at Matoska ( ) And they were awesome with their feathers! Why? They sell pointer feathers and you can choose left or right feathers. Which is awesome if you want to make wings that actually look like wings.

#2 I've bookmarked it, they have

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I've bookmarked it, they have owl feathers which is amazing, though a bit pricy... will check those you mention, i see they have other goods dign of mention in one upcoming article as faux animal fangs. :) thanks! :)

#3 Yes at the time I couldn't

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Yes at the time I couldn't afford the air shipping rate (they had higher shipping rates and less options then) so I ordered them to be shipped by boat. The wait time was excruciating ;)

Good thing about feathers is that they don't weigh so much ;)

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