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Feathers of all kind and colours!!!

Yes, I know it's much easier to purchase already made angel wings but if you're good at crafts you can really attempt to make something really awesome with this, from a barn owl cloak feather to angel wings, collards, feather chokers... possibilities are as immense as the variety of colors. In Art Creations by Shir Lee shop als this other from Hong kong called "Lovely feather"  lists a myriad of feather kinds and usually has also wholesale packages and discounts... I have got some iridescent feathers for me :) and some feather pads which I find particularly great for gauntlets or headpieces as to use them as the trim of a cloak.

glossy black feathers

You can also add feathers to your hair... it looks great...For this purpose I recommend to look for long feathers used for Fly tying  in fishing. Ginger look specially cute on blondes and red haired, but you can find all sorts of colors. I tend to like natural and grizzly ones cos they create a lovely effect!

Above: Saddle fly tying... attach them to your hair!

All you will need to attach them to your hair is what you usually need for hair extensions, hair extension loops and a needle like these ones that you can find in your local hair salon or beauty shop.




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