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Earthgarden Hand made Elf Boots


"Have you taken a walk in the forest and lost your way? Are you being chased by a band of wild trolls and must get away fast? Perhaps you are barefoot and going mushroom collecting... maybe your treasure hunting and need to cover your tracks, or simply a sprite dancing light of feet... May every step take you where you want to go"

These are the words that open the store of "Enchanted boots by Earthgarden"  a store specialized in handmade boots and moccassins perfect for elf, fairy, or fantasy garments. It's always difficult to find the "right" shoes.They're custom ordered so don't be worried about finding the right size/color, probably they can make it for you!  so you must allow  a bit over two weeks for them to ship to you though you're in a hurry feel free to contact the seller.  They have thicker leather layered soles so they can be used outdoors safely. Some also have embroideries and vines and ornaments. Overall they look great!
I'm in love with the white ones! snif! and also all the natural browns and moss greens... snif, snif... plus they look comfortable... so bookmarked!




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