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Oonacat: Realistic and amazing sculpted Heelless Hooves and paws

Hey you Demoness  and Satyrs! Oh what a discovery!

Just see this and drop your jaw!! I don't know if it's comfortable, or if it would be even safe for me to use them in a concert performance, but it got me craving for them :) And they have even fuller models :) Hand made by order and thus fully customizable for a perfect fit!

Remember a while back when we made a tutorial/article about satyr legs? Well Oonacat has make it even an article of high fashion :) that´s for sure :)

For sure I have bookmarked their site and I'm longing to see their finished wolf-claw, if only to get inspiration as I'm plotting a wolf-videoclip shooting. Oonacat is a must-see

Here's a youtube video so you can see them in motion, definitely will catch attention


And here is an example of their hand-sculpted and painted horns :) They claim to make also sculpted ears and other props :). Certainly  a must bookmark to check on updates. :)

Also you can network with the crafter by joining the official Oonacat facebook page





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