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Halloween angel or fairy eye make up tutorial

Interesting videotutorial by this girl that holds an entire make up channel in youtube. For the video she's using MAC (professional make up) but it shows at real time speed and you can attempt to make something similar with your own eye shadows and brushes. I think the final effect is really stunning so have fun! Though of course you can use your own make up, the fact is that MAC make up pigments are stunning and I myself have a very sensitive skin, so after trying many make up brands, most of mine is actually from theirs. You can purchase MAC make up here, you won't regret, it's the best make up ever. ENJOY!


Products used in this video tutorial: MAC shadestick~ sharkskin MAC eye shadow~ Tilt MAC eye shadow~ beautiful iris MAC eye shadow~ Aquadisiac MAC powerpoint eyeliner~ Engraved Stila~ tinted moisturizer GOSH lip liner~ Pink peony MAC lipgloss~ Fine china MAC glitter pigment~ Neon 60's This fairy look can be enhanced also with fx contact lenses to make the overall effect entirely otherwordly. I suggest you to read again our article about them.



#1 I second the recommendation

Tangle's picture

I second the recommendation for MAC! Their eye shadows in particular are fantastic :)

#2 hey i luved the make up but i

Lise's picture

hey i luved the make up but i think u should show a hole picture of the face...

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