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Floral fairy wreaths... tutorial and resources

to get this wonderful result or whichever your imagination renders

This is another simple tutorial I found in save on crafts and also this other one in Forever wed focused in circlets for brides and flowergirls, this other in the princess portal 

If you're just too lazy (LOL) or you're in a hurry  this is an ebay store  called Kcfairy with cute and quite affordable ones, not to say I find them rather cheap for the detail they have

Above: example of crown in Kcfairy ebay store

You can also check these others made by Art of wings (we covered it in a previous article), they're simpler but not because of that less cute.

Crown art of wings
Above: example of Art of Wings Faery Crown

One of my favourite places for this is our previously covered  "Hairlooms" article. You can see an example of this wonderful crafted headpieces below. The site worth a visit if only to gather some ideas as they're simply gorgeous.

hairlooms headpiece
Above: example of Hairlooms headpiece

This is a picture of one I did myself for a photo shoot of my song "the long way". I used some fake branches and only brown, yellows and reds to provide an "autumn" look. I used wire to tie all the pieces to the tiara and after that I used ribbon and fabric straps to wrap  and smooth the possible wire endings that could scratch my head and make it more comfortable or you can use the stem wrap floral tape too. I use fake faux flowers but you can try drying leaves and flowers  and try to do the same, but they're more delicate if travelling. So yep, that one below is me with my attempt of an "autumn crown".  I added too some matching golden and red beads with the wire aside from the leaves and flowers and sometimes I even add feathers (check this previous article to buy all sorts of feathers).  Right now i'm working making a matching "leaf-mask"  but that will come in an upcoming article.

Another recommended site is Avalon Fantasy


Above: me ;-) with my own handcrafted autumn crown


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