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Vampire gothic style: for your vampire night life

Vampire gothic style is a store that features a collection of items  inspired mostly in vampires and vampire night life. From neon paint to fangs... a really nice place to look for accessories for your vampire costume.

You can find some really fancy sclera lenses, and also some glow in the dark and other fx contact lenses. 

sclera lenses
Above: Sclera lenses (model Mumakil sclera lens)

It also features glow paint (great for clubs) and other make up items and also props like fangs and teeth from several brands ready to give nightmares to any! They also have some fancy clip on teeth fantasy caps.

                                             Above: Craven Veneers from Dental Distortions

Vampire gothic style also have a modest list costume masks and monster arms from different brands but all equally spooky like this skeleton hands  gloves really cool for halloween! They have some monstrous models aside of this "classical" one.

And you can find some fantasy and vampire jewelry including some really cool blood vial pendants and even some home decor like chalices and other vampire-related items.


vampire blood vial pendant


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