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Faire Lady: Ren, Pirates, witches, wench peasants, gypsies...!!


edit: it seems this shop is no longer online


Faire Lady is a store that has bits of many items you might need for a Ren Fair, from Civil war versatile skirts, to cinchers,  ren corsets and bodices, pirate coats and chemises, petal skirts, tribal dance turkish vests, veils tribal and belly dance wear. It also features several accesories as belts, vests,  hoop skirts and even hats.  Below you'll see a lovely pirate boned cincher:

You can opt from complete costumes or get the pieces separately. This lovely store based in Oregon features a wide collection of items that really stands out because of their sturdy aspect and fine quality. Chemises and ren bodices are offered in different colors and even all tapestry like this one. It seems to have also a nice push up effect...!  (aside of the gorgeous model I'm sure) Some are also reversible so you get two looks for the price of one!!

Petal skirts are delightful and offered in several colours,  there are also chemises and skirts in plain colours so you can combine. particularly love this petal skirt  in purple and black , woudn't mind to grab it!!



#1 I have ordered grommets and

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I have ordered grommets and eyelets from these fine folk and they are of the best of quality. I woul dhighly recommment them. The grommets do not dent when setting and their service is so quick. Glad you posted about them!

#2 BTW....your shows at

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BTW....your shows at FaeirieCon were beautiful, as are you! ;)

#3 Thank you! I'm really glad

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Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, it's always risky to perform with musicians that are not your own, they were all friends and worked hard and made me feel welcomed and have fun, i'm really happy they gave me the chance to be there... glad you enjoyed it!! I'm currently thinking about saving for the petal skirt, i'm restricting myself from purchasing though... we have to recover and focus on the production on the underliving asap! sigh ! I wish though LOL hahahah

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