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Zizzy Fay... Magical clothing...! what kind of fairy are you?

Zizzy fay is a lovely collection of fairy inspired clothing. You can design unique outfits by combining different layers of silks and natural fibres in your favorite colours. For ethically made party dresses, wedding attire, casual wear and clubbing gear that emphasise the elemental, goddess or fairy  within. I'd highlight the sleeves that you can purchase in different colours and combine with dresses, silk corsets and tops.


I also love the fairy skirts and tops (look above) specially in the green combinations,  they have a insect-like air that mimic perfectly the creatures of the forest. And of course the hooded (see "priestress dress" design" in the picture below) designs and  some lovelycoats that could be perfectly used as "fairy" casual wear as well.

What kind of fairy are you..?



#1 The last photo is of a

Tangle's picture

The last photo is of a Technodolly design - - who also make really great casual faerywear :)

#2 technodolly does make some

Roger's picture

technodolly does make some lovely designs but the last photo is of an original zizzyfay design. That photo was taken by myself in Nov 2007.

#3 [...] article we recommend

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[...] article we recommend you to read again other entries about urban faery wear like Senjo clothing, Zizzyfay and Alienskin which has a similar mood yet different articles. Pixie Pixie has its own lovely and [...]

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