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Scary dolls: cute but terrorizing for Halloween

Dolls are cute... and scary... and if you purposely combine those two traits the result can be really grotesque... But there is something more terrorizing than a doll... a broken, vintage, withering doll, or a rag doll tearing apart at her seams...  Asian and Korean girls have great tutorials to make up as a doll, as it seems to be highly in fashion, specially in "Lolita fashion" subculture,girls that actually dress themselves as perfect dolls even for daily wear (how cute!), they have all sorts of wigs, dresses, shoes. But you can stain with dark tones this wide eyed  cutey adding cracks to your skin and including some creepy elements to make it match for your Halloween costume.
Article: Lolita fashion in wikipedia. : a subculture that dresses like dolls on their daily wear. Below some "lolitas". They can be a source of inspirations to achieve our looks.
In ebay you can find plenty of affordable Lolita Wigs (doll-like) and Lolita dresses and gowns that could work as the base of our Halloween doll. Gothic Lolitas are usually in black but you can find also in pastel colour, like a sweet innocent Alice. :). Add some lace white socks or stockings and a pair of cute lolita shoes and you're almost there... but still "too cute". Then the fun part begins... :). Note: If you are looking for wigs I'd recommend the store Lockshop.
To make your eyes look doll-like there are many make up tricks but it's highly recommended to use fake eyelashes both  upper and lower sets.  A full eyelash on the lower eyelid is very dramatic but you can also use several invidual eye-lashes, the bigger the eye gets the better. You can also use circle coloured contact lenses like the ones from Kiwiberry to make your eye more fantastic-artificial looking.
Of course you may want to mimic a famous doll like the ones from famous movies... like Chucky or the recent  the creepy and evil Anabelle. Below make-up example for Anabelle by Venus Angelic.
You can add some ball-jointed stockings... there are from many manufacturers, mostly custom, I particularly highlight these creepy pairs by etsy store  beadborg


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