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On Gossamer wings: If a fairy is ready to fly!!

We've covered fairy wings before in your fantasy costume in several articles, but this lovely site deserved an article on its own. On Gossamer wings has to be my favourite along with Enchanted costumes, these two sites are amazing if you want to look for fine, high quality sturdy fairy wings. Having previously featured Enchanted Costumes (please do and recheck, they're AMAZING) we cover now another of the most wonderful wing makers you can find on the net.

Designer Angelina Doyle is the creator of On Gossamer wings. Due to the popularity of her fairy wings, circumstances have favored Angelia and granted her the ability to spread her wings and expand her artistic horizons through experimentation. Each new design (pieces that she has termed as "handcrafted 'art-wear' for the discerning fairy") pushes into new realms and combines sheer artistry with unparalleled workmanship. Check back often for her ever-expanding list of fly fairy flywear catallogue, some of the designs are really so lovely and unique. Handcrafted from sturdy, rust-resistant wire, these irresistible wings can be positioned any way you desire. One of the many things that sets our fairy wings apart from other mass-produced wings is that both sides are decorated with the finest fairy dust available! We all know it is very important for a fairy to look their absolute best as they are both coming and going! The wings are lightweight and are worn backpack style with elastic arm loops. And you can also opt for something custom-made!

On gossamer wings were recently in the amazing and well known faerie magazine summer issue 2008 (congratulations)



#1 HI! I saw these wings some

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I saw these wings some time ago, and i fall in love inmediatly.

They are really beautiful!


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