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Glory Gowns... a renaissance fantasy

Very popular in Ren faires and weddings you can order it in custom fabric in many different versions. I am the proud owner of two Linda originals that she generously endorsed, one is the red one you see above (yep that's me) and the other one I used it in my musical premier in USA last year in Faerieworlds festivals and it was made in deep purple velvet with even my custom logo embroidered in the bodice (I shall post some close ups of it in the gallery soon).  I can tell you it's of the highest quality and put lots of love in detail, beautiful and heavy velvet. Linda also makes replica of several "Lord of the rings" inspired gowns, and aside of her commissions she also holds several auctions of "ready to wear" gowns in her ebay store from time to time. (Glory gowns ebay store). You can also make a personal inquiry to order a custom dress at her e-mail

Priscilla Hernandez with custome made gown by Glory Gowns
with a custom dress by Glory Gown

me performing in Faerieworlds festival
with another custom made gown by Linda





#1 ohhhhhh pero que guapa estas

Alassie's picture

ohhhhhh pero que guapa estas con esos trajes!!!
ves como no todo tiene que ser negro o blanco? De rojo estas preciosa!!!

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