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Specter Store: Warming up for Halloween... Dragon costumes mythological creatures and wings...!

specter store banner

With such eerie name...  can you make a guess?  In Specter Store you will find will find our latex costume wings, rubber masks, Halloween costumes, realistic props and so much more!  All you need for a first warm up before Halloween.

There you will find latex costume wings, rubber masks, Halloween costumes, realistic props and so much more! To start shopping, pick a category to the left. 

I´d love to have a pair of  this furry boats in white!! cute! and I want the werewolf feet to go along!! aww!! I'm planning an Arctic wolf dress for a long time and I keep on finding thingies I would love to add to the costume... They're not so expensive so I'm seriously considering to get them for a video!

furry boots

werewolf feet latex

Oh I want the white silver ones before next winter! so cool!


Above: Satyr hooves and horns

And I'd highlight this satyr horns and hooves, they also have other animal parts like tails, furry boots and so on... but this is a must add to our previous article about  making satyr hooves.! My favorite are the brown colored, they´re more natural looking, and they´re very affordable!!

dragon costume bundle

The highlight of the website are the "dragon bundles". Though you can  buy the wings, gloves, dragon tail and mask separately they have also the matching bundles for a very affordable price in a set of different colors.

but they also have wings of different kind of mythological creatures from dragon to fairies, winged, still I think the best option of this website are the dragon, bat /vampire  and gargoyle-type ones, and you can order them in custom in most of the models. They look very comfortable and easy to wear having an adjustable hook-and-loop (similar to Velcro®) tie straps for support and comfort.

Here some of my favorite because of the torn ragged look (and price!!)

 gargoyle wings

They have also some masks that are exclusive of the store, and also some props to complete the most typical Halloween costumes: demons, zombies, werewolves, reapers... I'll hand pick this one because of its realism


Above: scythe

They have also weapon replicas... I'd pick this one because it looks just so creepy and real... great for reaper costumes!

So to be brief, a really nice site to dive and get some ideas for next Halloween, covering some of the classic creepy classic monsters of the kind! :)

And I confess I've bookmarked myself for the white werewolf feet! hmm!



#1 Nice dragon bundle indeed...

falabrego's picture

Nice dragon bundle indeed... perhaps I should try it! It is difficult to decide on a colour, though... green is a classic but black always has something...

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