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Beautiful Organza fairy wings by Fairytrade

Fairytrade designs  run by crafter Jan Morritt and partner Leslie :)  features a really pretty collection of  delicate organza fairy wings; each pair is handmade and unique, light to wear and very durable. Available in different sizes (from small (ideal for crowdy events) to large and conspicuous  and shipping. I would highlight this wing maker for brides to be as they have white wings that  are perfect for weddings :). But not only wings but also masks, unicorn horns, and other magical accessories for wee pixies and adults :)

Remember our "Rainbow article specia?  When I saw these I thought, perfect inclusion for that article :) perfect for vibrant hippie souls and colorful fairies.


 And below one of my favorite articles :) these iridescent angel wings are one of my favorite items, they look just so ethereal  and seem to catch light magically :)


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