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Savage Dryad the art of Karen Morey: Horns, masks, headpieces and other cool things

Karen Morey is an artist based in Oregon behind Savage Dryad designs. From massive horned headpieces, masks, jewelry, costumes and anything that could challenge her, this multitalented girl offer you a wealth of items looming out her imagination.
You can see the works of Karen in her etsy store
You can also see a portfolio of her works in her deviant art account at
Above:  AMAZING Horned headpiece made by Karen Morey


You´ll find also some lovely pendants and accessories like this leaf  (using fallen leaves dipped in metals) pendant. All wood come from fallen branches.

Above: Real copper dipped oak leaf! With carnelian and wood beads for accent.

She also has listed some accessories like leather bracers and cuffs with hand painted eye balls which gives the items a steampunk, sci-fi or creepy air. See example below:



She also makes  leather masks and even bamboo flutes cute  accessories for pixie and forest dwellers.


Above: Snow owl mask


As the artworks of Karen run into multidisciplinary fields and different styles I asked her to define and describe her works and she was kind enough to share with us her sources of inspirations and nature of her creations. So in the words of the artist self:

"Well trying to pin down my own work for me is a little like catching smoke. I am always on the lookout for new materials and cooking up new ideas. I get inspired by all things fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, with a healthy dose of mysticism and nerdyness. I've kind of always been this way and Im more than certain I get it from my father. The guy builds robots for a living (no I am serious). He was fascinated by ILM (industrial light and magic) and so he was also building models and costumes all the time when I was a kid.

So in mimicking him I started making things from anything I can get my hands on. Week to week I may be working in anything from paper mache, leather, sewing, painting, woodwork, sculpting, design, and so on. I don't really consider myself a master of any of these mediums but I do consider myself quite resourceful in coming up with unique solutions to various design issues that crop up. Its also part of the mental flexibility that allows someone to see a mundane object or set of objects and reinvent their intended purpose. What was a pile of old newspapers and a roll of duct-tape becomes the base-form for a dragons skull or massive horns. Scrap wood becomes a canvas."
Above: Dragon Skull Headdress
You can also network (and /or ask  for commissions or custom work) with the crafter in facebook.

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