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Winter Snow Queen Ice mask: Do it Yourself tutorial

With just a few materials like a glue gun, super glue, rhinestones and some shiny silvery glittering nail varnish, over a cast of your face or a full face mask as mold, this easy to follow and really simple tutorial will delight all Snow Queens out there. Crystalline, ethereal and glittering :) <3 <3 best part, affordable and easy to make! :) 

This is a great addition to the article we made about Snow Queen previously here in your fantasy costume. I'm going to try it myself so I will try to post my result as soon as I can manage to make one.

For more tips and tricks you can see their KLAIREDELYS blog to see more details about this particular mask: Her blog is really interesting for other tutorials and make up/beauty tutorials and reviews :) She has some awesome  fantasy makeup videos in the channel so feel free to check her blog and videos. I have for sure bookmarked it for inspiration and We might make further feature inn the future.

I am definitely giving it a try myself. I'm plotting a wintery photoshoot and it looks so easy and the result so striking. 

You can also network with the crafter in  twitter 


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