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How to make pixie fairy gloves out of old t-shirts: Tutorial step by step

One of our readers sent to us this lovely tutorial of how she makes pixie fairy gloves out of old unwanted t-shirts...  They´re easy to do even for people who are not so used to sew, so definitely worth a look! I'm going to try it myself... I have quite a few things to recycle!!

glove tutorial 16

Take any fabric or cloth. (I mostly use old shirts that I dont like anymore) glove tutorial 1
Cut it into two pieces glove tutorial 2
Take one oft he pieces for each glove. glove tutorial 3
Fold the upper edge and put needles into the cloth

glove tutorial 4

glove tutorial 5

Sew along the line of the needles glove tutorial 6
Thats how the fabric looks then glove tutorial 7
Thats how the other side looks. Still a bit chaotic cut away the waste cloth and sew along to fix the edge oft he cloth glove tutorial 8
Thats how the reverse side looks then

glove tutorial 7

glove tutorial 9

Put the cloth around your arm to imagine how you will have to sew it glove tutorial 10
Put needles inside the cloth, try on if you put the needles right, put more needles… (You have to try a little bit where to put the needles that the glove fits. But after having made some pairs itll become easier!

glove tutorial 11

As soon as they fit and you think you put the needles tot he right place  sew along the line oft he needles

glove tutorial 12
Thats how the cloth looks then  turn it tot he right side and try i fit really really fits  glove tutorial 13
If yes, turn tot he reverse side again and cut away the waste fabric. Then sew (zig-zag, overlock or whatever. It doesnt really matter (in my opinion) how it looks cause anyways nobody sees it as ist in the inside LOL glove tutorial 14


Finiiiiiiiishhhed :D

glove tutorial 15

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