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Who you gonna call... this Halloween? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!

I loved  GHOSTBUSTERS movie when a child (well the first part at least as I felt very dissapointed with the sequel) curiously after so long now that there are rumours of a new Ghostbusters movie on the making...  so somehow these days i've had the tune again in my head and one can imagine that pretty soon they'll be back into fashion... I think they'll work with the original cast... yay for nostalgics like me... raised in the eighties....

Ghostbusters had many elements of silly comedies... but laughable as it is it had al  so some creepy moments too...

In the picture above you  you can see a very accurate replica of the costume,  you can download the pdf step-by-step tutorial from INSTRUCTABLES webpage. Download PDF All the materials you need can be found here Are you not handy but still want to opt for the best ghostbuster (and expensive) option, you can get  all sort of props and even an exact replica  of the proton pack in real scale too purchasing all the pieces along together. there are even very expensive props with light and sound, just like the next one.

Other options, pluses and things you might need

Above you can  see a ghostbuster movie logo  embroidered  iron patch that you may need to customize your clothes into an official "ghostbuster" outfit. or the whole jumpsuit

Don't forget to get a pair of black gloves (details are important) Ahhh  the final touch... YOU NEED to get into the mood listening to the Ghostbusters soon... I know it's a hit from the eighties... but WHO DOESN'T KNOW this great song? It's the idiosyncracy and spirit self of the ghostbusters movie... and has a great groove too!!, if you're making an entrance somewhere you need it... You can get it from itunes, amazon and other digital retailers. There's no doubt this is a Halloween party hit!! Download mp3 song GHOSTBUSTERS from AMAZON (0.99 c)


If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood, Who ya gonna call ...?



#1 heyyy I know them, though not

Irishdancer's picture

heyyy I know them, though not the movie but the animated TV series :) I used to watch it on the afternoon cartoon programme after school. (ok yeah, there's proof that I'm a few years younger than you :) )

cheers :)

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