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THE HOBBIT movie premiere in Barcelona and cosplay gathering (me included)


So yesterday finally THE HOBBIT movie premiered in the whole world and me and a group of spontaneous friends here in Spain gathered in BOSC DE LAS FADES (a fairy pub in Barcelona, Spain) dressed as hobbits and elves and other lotr characters to have fun and then head to the movie (thanks Vany for the ticket! it was like a pre-birthday little celebration).  I guess this kind of scenes repeated in different points of the geography but we were proud to be among the brave ones to go to the film  all dressed up in our lotr garments.

Also that I didn't like some changes from the book but other points that people critic that are not in the movie and actually right and explained in THE LORD OF THE RINGS appendix, so before complaining of certain "invented" things that are not so, I suggest a reading of those again.

So here are some photographies and snippets of how much fun we had! :) All photographies are (c) of Héctor Corcín (thank you)

me as Galadriel (sort of LOL) Cloak and crown self-made. Gown by The Dark Angel

Elves: at my right designer Alassie from El Costurero Real she made her own garment, cloak and crown


Oh and there were HOBBITS and they were so cuuuuuuute!

lots of HOBBITS! :)



awww look at thos hobbit feet LOL so great!


Then we went to the movie of course :) and as my birthday is tomorrow 16th it was a bit like a bit of party :) By the way remember that to celebrate that I'm becoming older (though we elves only become wiser) tomorrow you can tune us LIVE and listen to a mini-concert 20:00 CET in our livestream account in the chat section of the site

Let´s celebrate, HAPPY with good food and wine and music like HOBBITS :)


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