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Dressing up like Daenerys from Game of Thrones


Ok, ok! Don't kill me! I've not seen  Game of Thrones  HBO hit tv series or read the fantasy  books! :) And I'm a lover of fantasy but I've simply not stumbled upon it yet :) Still I get tons of requests about making an article about this character :) who I also get lots of comments from my own listeners that I look alike (well I wish but I don't think so) so I made a little research :). It will be improved for sure but hope it helps our current readers to gather some ideas to attempt this cosplay with success :)!  


For the wig I particularly like one that is available from Lockshop wigs as a "premium" item, it's a bit pricey but it looks soft and rather natural.

There are plenty of wigs styled for this character available in etsy and ebay too, all ranges of prices and qualities. It is worth to have a look to ebay for Daenerys wigs listings. 

The etsy store "Pungo Pungo" has several gowns, attires and accessories of this character custom made and some even ready to ship, like the following

Above: Daenerys Targaryen Qarth Gown. Custom made Khaleesi costume with belt and beads.

Above: Dothraki Khaleesi leather cosplay made of leather and suede by Pungo Pungo 



Below: Replica of the light gray  Daenerys Wedding dress (with brooch) made by "The Iron ring" shop that  makes replicas of tv and movie attires. The shop has several others items related with Game of Thrones. 

Rearding complements and jewels there are also listings in etsy and ebay. 
Below some useful videos to arrange your hair and make up as Daenerys
Ravendarkcreations sell a set of a fully painted dragon that is rather realistic (custom coloring can also be ordered). The sculpture is made of resin  and of high detail. You can also purchase from them a cheaper unpainted version if you think your skilled enough to custom paint it yourself. 

If you want to add props you can also add some dragon eggs like these handmade by Lakoindecaori shop



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