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Venetian masks by "MASK VENECIAN"

Mask Venecian  is the lovely store and collection of lovely paper, metal and feather venetian masks made by crafter Laura Martín. Website is in spanish but its navigation is super friendly and you can have not only a delightful view of all the galleries of maks available (lace, feather, paper, traditional, filigree) but also even to learn about the different names and types of Venetian masks. It really shows the crafter is a devoted of the  Venetian Carnival and the catalogue is really amazing. So even if you just want to make a research surfing to the site, I highly recommended. Elegant, sophisticated, and some models delightfully decadent... A must addition to our previous article bout the Carnival of Venice.

I was lucky enough to be gifted one of her pretty models in white :) Here is myself wearing a metal white filigree mask I think they are laser-cut, not sure.  It looks so wintery. I love it :). By the way the crown I'm wearing is courtesy of Freckles Fairy Chest previously featured in yourfantasycostume


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