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Lovecraft's Cthulhu, chosing a demon motif with elegance

Yes, yes... Halloween approaching... hmm to take out some creepy creatures from the closet.. sounds exciting huh?

and well, you know, dressing like a witch, ghost or demon like everyone else at the end can be a little bit boring... Streets will be plagued with cheap  witches and monsters latex masks, so if you pick a demon as your choice for next Halloween, PLEASE, do it in a classy way .... and pick some well known elegant creature (blink) like the MIGHTY CTHULHU createad by the insane genius of H. P. Lovecraft (read Lovecraft's biography in wikipedia) or Cthulhu´s description.

If you find this name unpronunceable is because you haven't read the rest of the "Great old ones" mentioned in Lovecraft works... Cthulhu is one of the most well known creatures in his mythology and certainly any cosmic and/or pulp horror freak will recognize you and say,  yes, that person reads... (which I highly recommend you), so if you didn't know anything about this you can start reading this book "The call of Cthulhuu and other weird stories"... and join the cult! (and don't forget... it's all... errr... fiction, Lovecraft tends to unconsciously drive the reader into his delightfully mad brain). Hmm humongous and better than Godzilla for sure! And yes, it has octopus tentacles in the head but this is not a character from Pirates of Caribbean, the lattest was a direct inspiration based upon previous existing cthulhu image.

The easiest way is to purchase a mask in a halloween store, now that you know who IT is, you might  recognize it everywhere in halloween stores, still you can check this link for one with a reasonable price of 150$ in polyfoam shown in the picture below.

Of course if you're wealthy you can look ebay from time to time to look for absolutely stunning custom made works... or ask to crafters to make a custom work for you... like the bizarre design in leather by artist Bob Basset, i'd say it's inspired in Cthulu, and may be not my favourite, but still seems to be very popular and certainly unique ( yet quite expensive option though starting 350$ and up).

I found this by chance and it was amazing... I have no idea how much it would be but below is one example and link to a custom made cthulhu mask. Click on the picture to visit the artist's blog. I think he did great with it.


another alternative is this curious mask make in leather by Maks by jen, this "inspired by Cthulu" mask sells for and it's pretty elegant.

If you're stil looking for excuses (like money) I admit I almost burst in laughters where I found this blog, there they offer a free Cthulu mask PDF you can print in DINA3 size (297 × 420 mm) piece of paper to make your own cthulu mask at home...! Very clever! You can click here to see Cthulhu mask in jpg or in PDF.

Of course it cannot be less complicated but if still you want to opt for grabbing this cutie (a plush toy with the shape of cthulu) and pretend you're a mad lovecraft, though you have to have his crazy gaze and strange facial features if so... Still i'm sure some of you are freak enough to put this over your bed..



#1 Great article! Now my two

faeryspellcreations's picture

Great article! Now my two little boys BOTH want to be Cthulhu for Halloween! :)

(and my littlest one wants santa to bring him the plushie cthulhu... :)

Off to make some hot chocolate and read some HP Lovecraft!!

FaerySpell Creations

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