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getting creepy for the season!

Death Studios is a company that make Horror Halloween masks and props... though  I'm more pro using make up than a mask, there´s no doubt that they can be easiest way to achieve an instant shocking and monstrous look.

So they grant they don't come from a large company that deliver thin, badly painted copies with air bubbles and defects in the castings that have nothing to do with the pictures in the catalog.  They make the masks in their studio and are painted by the crafter self Jeff Death as guarantee of the quality of the piece. Also in the site you can find a series of guidelines to take proper care of it and make it last a long time.

So, ready to be scared... or to scare others?

pumpking halloween mask

Above: Halloween pumpkin mask... don't we all love Halloween pumpkins? Hmm by the way Pumpkin jam is my favorite!!

vampire nosferatu mask   Green witch mask
Above: Vampire and Witch latex mask

Death studios features a collection of classic horror creatures (from Zombies, vampires, Nosferatu, witches and other minions and creatures... including wererats!).


 dead head halloween prop
Above: Dead Head prop

They also include some props like  "dead heads" (hmm wonder if a costume like the Queen of Hearts with one of this would turn really creepy!! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, I  said!!). I know, I know, a little bit too gory and not my style I admit, but after all we´re talking about horrifying Halloween, aren't we?

There are also some other props corpse hands and chests, alien heads... like this zombie head dog.

 zombie dog puppet 

Stay tuned for other terrific and monstrous stuff on the way...!


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