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Symphony of shadows: Masks of dark delicacy!

Symphony of Shadows was a rare jewel I found surfing the net. We previously covered masks in many of our articles including a special article about Venetian Masks. Now that the Dark Carnival seems to be in fashion here's another wonderful site I found during my particular  treasure hunting research ;-).
"The mask maker is a creator or illusions, of intrigue, of mystery and transformation. Venice is the city of Illusion par excellence, The Theatre of the World"

These are the words that the self-taught  mask maker and artist Tanith  Hicks have used to open the site, and the ominous, eerie and melancholic atmosphere stains it everywhere, in each of the pieces and in the photos  of her work that shows a myriad of influences from renaissance to burlesque. Made of layered paper, entrancing  and somehow dark the collection ranges from more "classical" pieces to custom designs. You need to check regularly the "availability" and ask for the items that are currently in stock and its pricing. Go and check Symphony of Shadows.

Above: Baroque model

Oh I need to commission a moth mask like this eventually, a fellow designer from Barcelona  and friend is making me a moth dress  for a well known fairy magazine (soon article of  "on the making". I've had an obsession about moths for a long time, for me, they're more a symbol of a ghost than of a fairy, flying around the light like ghosts around the living... as I portrayed in my song nothing.  I'd not mind to grab this one and add some shots to the backdrop videos... I need to put myself on saving :).

Model: night moth mask  (I crave for this one!!) :/


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