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El Costurero Real: King Arthur's legends collection

Lady of the Lake

Above: "Lady of the lake" model

Alassie Angelines is a spanish designer that specializes in historical garments. She created her own company called "El Costurero Real" delivering accurate replicas of medieval garments of a very high quality, using materials, dyes, and jewelry but adding also her own interpretation of the characters she recreate.   She's won several prizes and is making her  own way working for several cinema projects. Her blog offers also tutorials and articles of overall interest for any lover of fantasy or historical garments... so if you are going to attend a ren fair, you´d better have a look at it (so far it's only in spanish) but illustrated enough to be easily read with an online translator.


Above: Queen  Guinevere


Above: Sir Mordred

She has just launched a collection called "Leyendas artúricas" (Legends of King Arthur) that has its own particular website, a collection of garments and gowns for the main characters of the Arthurian Romance around this well known character, from King Arthur self,  Lancelot, Morgen le Fay, Lady of Shalott and more...


Above: me wearing one of the garments of the collection designed by Alassie Angelines... for me it's been an honour  to be chosen as one of the celebrities that endorse garments from this lovely designer. I think this is "Morgen le Fay" model. All garments are made upon demand and can be ordered in different kind of fabrics taking one to two months to be completed. If you are foreign make the questions or request in english, a brand new website in both languages is on the making. Aside of the gowns and dresses, a sister-site offers all kind of complements from headpieces (designed by El Costurero Real),  belts, cloaks, necklaces,  jewelry and all sort of goodies and ready to wear. I particularly love the crowns, handmade and lovely for a lotr elvish gown, without over-using the "Galadriel" model found elsewhere. I'm dying to grab one of these for my performances.




#1 :_)))) muchas muchisisiimas

Alassie's picture

:_)))) muchas muchisisiimas gracias por esta entrada, me ha hecho mucha ilusion leerla, es muy completa y dice muchas cosas bonitas sobre mi trabajo, que siempre gusta oir.
Espero que a la gente le guste tambien lo que hago :)


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