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Tips to turn your old discarded t-shirts into pixie wear

Well for once I'm posting an article of something I'm making for myself for fun and not about  a store. As you know I'm a performer and singer-songwriter in the fantasy/fairy genre and that's why I like so much fantasy clothing and the reason I created this blogs so wanted to share my latest addiction  for customizing old t-shirts and discarded clothes into pixie fairy urban wear. That way I can dress on a daily basis with garments that are not a full costume but a subtle pixie touch and it only takes like ten minutes. The trick is to cut everything pointy, and stretch the fabric so it doesn't fray, you can also bend it and make little symmetric holes and if you have a sewing machine and a little zigzag at the border to make the fringe bulge a little bit. You can use different pieces of cotton and layer some pointy layers here and there and you have this "ready to go" result out of your old t-shirts in no time!. I have now quite a few t-shirts that my hamster  Totonika has full of little holes lol! so had to make something out of them. Hope you find it inspiring. Here's a pic of the result. (sorry just normal pic at my flat) but well it shows the thing!  I feel so creative now about my old things!

Above: self-made fast  random pointy pixie wear, easy and fast!


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