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Sugar Skull Makeup ideas and tutorials: El Día de Los Muertos

El Dia de Los Muertos ( read Day of the Dead in wikipedia) is a Mexican holiday  that takes place 2nd of November a couple of days after Halloween in which the families visit the graves of their beloved ones and make offerings to the dead including sweets in the shape of a skull with multicoloured icing and ornaments and placing them in altars for the deceased. Often there is a procession to the graveyard often wearing this traditions sugar skull make up. It's become also iconic in tribal bellydancers these time of the year, and somehoe a rather popular easy option as Halloween characterization.

All you need is some examples, make up (mostly black, white, red and blue) and rhinestones. And a great deal of patience to be creative (and symmetric LOL)

Below a video by my friend Klaire Delys that teach you how to make an easy "Catrina" Easy sugarskull make up.

You can complete your attire adding a floral garland or headpiece, with roses and other colourful flowers, wether faux or natural.

Below you have a link to instructables where you can see how to paint yourself step by step



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