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Halloween: how to look like the vampire of Twilight Edward Cullen

Ok, Ok! don't kill me, but seriously I do not like Twilight! I didn't enjoy much the books or the movies... but well I get it, I get it...! after a few e-mail requests I've decided to make this article, after all Halloween is there, and it's not always about what I want to dress ... but you readers ask for too! LOL

Aside you can use it as general make up also for getting that "pale vampire look" that can match also other vampire sexy dead man! And though Edward Cullen is not my cup of tea! ahem! (sorry ladies!!) I know a few guys though that would look really hot and sexy  with a marble-look make up like that and could work for "vampire" look in general terms. So as "casual" and easy as it is... here we come with a few and fast tips and tricks to be a vampire (a twilight vampire) this Halloween. And on top of it... it's very inexpensive, you won't even need fangs!

First black clothing...  skinny dark jeans and black button-down shirt will work, easy! Then go for a dark colored heavy pea coat to go over it. Honestly I don't think you need to buy a replica, there are plenty of shirts and green pea coats in the style but if you're picky you can find it for example at Cosplayying among other twilight props.

Above: Edward  Pea Coat

Edward is supposed to "glitter in the sun" so unless you want to celebrate your Halloween party a bit too early, you won't need to add anything, if you just want to do it to be "obvious" add a bit of clear glass glitter or use a lotion or spray. You can add a bit of it, but don't overdo and then put some powder on top to "kill" the shiny effect a bit.

For your hair you can use gel to style it messy (if it's long enough) get a bath of copper color (I don't recommend permanent tint but this kind of hue is quite easy to get with some non permanent sprays) but if you don't want to mess with your hair you can find a wig already styled.
 edward cullen wig 

Above: Example of Edward Cullen wig


Pale foundation (again I recommend Kryolan for this)  brown eyebrow pencil to highlight the eyebrow, a bit of red in the lips. Very pale foundation (similar technique  to the one we used for the White Queen in previous article You can add some baby or rice powder on top to make it a bit more matte looking. A bit of lipstick (yes boys, lipstick) though erase the excess with some paper, you don't want to go a bit too drag-queen.

Here you can see a video with some advices as well as visual friendly "how to" apply the advices given previously.


Pivotal point... you need GOLDEN contact lenses, these are great to pretend you're werewolf too... and not only for this movie in particular... but it happen to be that they are really nice.

 fx contact lenses golden twiglight

twilight contact lenses

Where to find the contact lenses... you can read this previous article about " You know it" a rather huge store that has all sorts of fx affordable contact lenses and actually have  twilight models. And then enhance the gaze with some dark circles under the eyes with make up.

And well.. err. had fun! i'm sure you'll have success among the girls... (for sure among raving teenagers) but  you know twilight is always a love-hate thing.





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