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Sugarpill: striking colors for a fantastical fantasy gaze!

Sugarpill Cosmetics is a line of  cosmetics, perfect for fantasy lovers and performers because the vibrancy of the colors is absolutely and deliciously insane.

Above: sugarpill pro palette with the matte pressed eyeshadows

course their products are cruelty free and  NOT TESTED in animals and in fact most of the eyeshadows and pigments are tagged as vegan. They are highly pigmented and long duration,  velvety, rich, easy to apply and perfect for color-blending. Sold individually so you can make your own collection of matching colours or in swatches/sets and palettes  They ship worldwide and offer discounts for bulk shipping. They offer also fake eyelashes to make your gaze just striking. Eyeshadows are offered in compact or loose, matte or iridescent and metallic finish which are perfect for stand-out highlights. I particularly loved their "lumi" (white-blue iridescent). I will make this article bigger as soon as I get some samples for myself to test them :). But wanted to share 


You can also network and see more examples of "happy clients showcasing their skills using this eyeshadows" in the Sugarpill facebook page


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