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GRIMAS professional theatrical and fx make-up

GRIMAS is a company  based and funded in Holland in the early 80s though actually distributed in many aountries that sells make up  not only for fantasy face and body painting but even for cosmetic, professional work. So wether you want to camouflage of a birth mark or covering a tatoo or  even completely re-sculpting  your features with wax and prosthetics you will find a large catallogue of products specialized in theatrical use. They also offer all sorts of brushes, glues, mastix and products to apply or remove them.
The cream make ups are meant for those cases you need a full and perfect covering and thus it is perfect for stage use.  The official site lists all products and also has a downloadable pdf with the updated price list.  The price average is quite affordable and on the other hand their long experience in the field guarantee the safety in their composition.

Below: reknown cake make up foundations for a perfect cover of skin blemishes, available for any possible skin tone. 

Above: Cake make up skin tone chart


Grimas Water Make-up (Pure) is an unperfumed, gluten-free water-based make-up, intended for face-painting and body-painting. Water Make-up works just like watercolour paint. available  in different sizes in 40 matt Water Make-up (Pure) colours plus 12 Pearl shades. The colours can be mixed together.


Above: Eyebrow plastic used to "erase" your eyebrows for FX make up. They also have fake blood, bald caps and all sorts of latex prosthetics like animal faces, horns, noses and pointy ears for fairies, elves and hobbits. 


The website  ( that can be read also in english) offer tutorials and examples for some of the fx make up procedures like applying a bald cap, sculpting your traits with wax wether to age you or to look younger and all sorts of tricks and recommendations.

I particularly highlight their fake eyelashes at really affordable prices (natural hair, fashion, fantasy or feather)  which I particularly like and have bookmarked

You can find also quite a wealth of their products available in ebay  where I have myself purchased some of them. 


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